Thank you for your business and shopping with the Board of Standards.

All applicants must have applied, enrolled, completed the 25-40 courses and exams, and graduateed from an accredited degree or government recognized program. Each applicant must have achieved the relevant education, experience, testing, along with agreeing to abide by ethics and continuing education policies.

Your credit card will not be charged until you have been approved by the Board of Standards to receive your Designation Certificate. This payment is for application, review, initiation, processing, and Designation certificate only. If accepted, this application, initiation, review, processing, and certificate fee will be charged to your card. Membership and Membership Certificate is free for 2 years after initiation. Annual good standing fees or licensing fees may be paid after 2 years if you want to maintain your good standing status with the Board of Standards.

Refunds are available for 30 days after you have entered your credit card information for payment. If you want a void or refund, notify us as soon as possible and we will be glad to help you within this 30 period. If your order has alredy been shipped or received,we may require return of the Board of Standards Property before refund.

Sincerely and Kindest Regards, International Board of Standards

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2015 ** Accreditation - Our Certification Standards Board is TUV Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards. Approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations.